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Small Animal Fostering and Rescue


Rescue Centres are full of animals waiting for good homes. If you're looking for a pet you should always check out your local Rescue Centre first, see Rescue Links they may be able to provide you with an animal that suits your lifestyle and will always give impartial advice.

On arrival at the rescue, every animal is given a health check and any necessary treatment. All animals are monitored for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure they are fit and healthy, and to assess their temperament, prior to being put up for adoption.

The average lifespan of a
GERBIL is 3-5 years

GERBILS make good pets for adults and children. Gerbils like to live in pairs or same sex groups.

Their diet should consist of a good quality dry mixture that provides essential nutrients. This can be scattered about the cage to provide interest and satisfy their foraging instinct.

Treats of fruit and veg can also be given, but only a tiny amount, any uneaten fresh food should be removed if it remains uneaten, this will provide essential vitamins and minerals. They also enjoy cereals, pasta, pulses, boiled egg, as well as budgie seed and millet sprays to add extra interest.

A large glass tank with a secure mesh lid, or gerbilarium is the best way of housing gerbils. MINIMUM SIZE should be: 1ft high x 3ft long x 1ft wide for a pair of Gerbils (30cm x 100cm x 30cm). If you want to keep a group of gerbils you should consider a larger tank.

Place the cage/tank somewhere quiet, out of reach of other pets in the household, and away from draughts or a heat source such as a radiator, or direct sunlight.

Gerbils love to burrow and tunnel underground, so fill the base of the tank with organic soil or peat substitute, to a depth of around 15cm (20cm if your tank has a depth in excess of 30cm).

Bedding material should also be provided - soft meadow hay placed on the surface will be taken to fill their burrows/nest chamber. Don't use sawdust or wood shavings as your gerbil may develop breathing problems or skin trouble. They will also use soft paper for bedding.

Clean out dirty areas and refresh the bedding at least once a week. Thoroughly clean the whole tank every three weeks or so using a mild pet safe disinfectant.

Gerbils enjoy gnawing willow or fruit tree twigs, as well as wooden toys. Make their cage/tank interesting and hide food treats around. Different size cardboard boxes are fun to explore and shred.

We have a number of gerbils staying with us long-term because they cannot be re-homed due to old age or they have special requirements. We do not give up on animals just because they have problems - we provide them with the long term care they need.
If you would like to sponsor a gerbil find out more.

Adoptable Gerbils


Please complete our homefinder form to express an interest in any available gerbils, then we can keep you updated on any suitable animals that are cleared for adoption.

We request a donation for each animal adopted so that we can continue to help other animals in need.

Watch this space......