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Small Animal Fostering and Rescue

Holiday Boarding

We aim to make your pets stay with us an enjoyable one, so you in turn can have a relaxing time whilst on your holiday knowing that your pet is being looked after by experienced caring people.

We offer holiday boarding to animals who have been adopted from our rescue. This helps Auntyanimal financially as we couldn't carry on the rescue and re-homing without this extra income. On an occasional basis we do extend this, when capacity allows, to others looking to board their animals.

(*Non-rescue animals will incur a 50% daily surcharge).

Small Animals

  • Boarding Fee: From £2.00* per day per animal.
  • No extra charge for 2 animals sharing a hutch/run/cage (each additional animal [above 2 sharing] will incur an additional fee at reduced rate).
  • Fee Payable in full on date of arrival.
  • If you are unable to pick-up your pet on the arranged Departure Date extra day(s) boarding will be incurred and must be paid for at the time of pick-up.
  • Species Price
    * Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice
    and similar size animals
    £2.00 per day in own cage.
    Chinchillas, Chipmunks, Degus, Guinea Pigs, Netherland Dwarf Rabbits (under 2kg) £4.00 per day
    Rabbits - Larger Breeds (over 2kg) £5.00 per day
    Pampering session
    (groom, toenail clipping)
    £2.00 per animal

    What's included in the Boarding Fee:

    Food/Water - is included but we ask that you bring a small amount of your animals dried food so that we can mix it with ours to avoid dietary upset. Branded dry food (either Burgess, Supreme, Harringtons or Pets at Home) is given to our small animals. If you prefer to provide your own food or your pet has special dietary requirements we can accommodate this.

    Fresh fruit/veg - Given according to Species/Breed requirements. If your pet has a favourite we'd like to know.

    Hay - Good quality hay is given (as much as they can eat) according to Species/Breed requirements.

    Treats - Given occasionally - if your pet has a preference again we would like to know.

    Housing/Bedding - According to Species/Breed requirements.
    RABBITS and GUINEA PIGS are not shut in hutches 24hrs a day - all animals are given the opportunity to exercise and roam outside of their pod/cage in a safe enclosed area. Our indoor or outdoor Eglus are spacious and secure, with 2m or 3m covered runs your pet(s) will have room to play. They will also have the opportunity to graze weather permitting.
    For safety reasons animals are never allowed to mix or have contact with other boarders or rescues (except during bonding with an agreed suitor). If you prefer to provide your pets own accommodation, arrangements can be made.
    HAMSTERS, GERBILS, MICE, CHINCHILLAS, DEGUS, CHIPMUNKS, and similar animals will be boarded in their own accommodation which you will need to bring with you.

    Indoor Guinea Pigs

    Toys/Stimulation - Our indoor enclosures are spacious having toys, logs and tubes to explore and soft barley or oat straw to forage and play in. You may like to bring your bunny's litter tray (if he/she uses one) or any toys that will be familiar to them. This will help them settle into their holiday accommodation having familiar things around them.

    Cleaning - Undertaken on a daily basis to ensure your pet is kept comfortable and clean.

    Access to secure outside runs - Weather permitting according to Species/Breed requirements. Your pet can enjoy nibbling the fresh grass and relaxing outside in a secure run or insulated Omlet Eglu with 2 or 3m run attached.

    Rory Guinea Pig Dozing Rabbits Guinea Pigs Grazing

    Cuddles - AUNTYANIMAL operates 24 hours a day so you can be sure your pet will receive its share of attention - we may even be able to fit in a groom and pampering session, which includes toenail clipping, for an additional fee.

    We aim to make your pets stay with us an enjoyable one, so you in turn can have a relaxing time whilst on your holiday knowing that your pet is being looked after by experienced caring people.



    Please Note: It is essential that rabbits have received regular vaccination to afford protection against virulent rabbit diseases.
    A combined vaccination, which is given annually, protects bunnies against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (RHD1 and RHD2) - please discuss this with your vet.


    In the event that your pet falls ill and requires treatment while boarding with us you (the owner) will be liable for any vet fees incurred for its treatment. On arrival your animal will be checked for any sign of illness - if any illness is evident your pet will be isolated and run time may be restricted. In some cases we may reserve the right to refuse boarding.

    AUNTYANIMAL is unable to accept liability for any consequences whatever resulting from your pets stay and is unable to accept liability for any expenses of any kind arising from sickness developed during its stay or subsequently.

    To arrange a booking contact us giving details of the type of pet and the dates you require for drop off and pick-up. If we can accommodate your pet we will send you a booking form for completion, which should be returned together with a 50% deposit to secure your pets holiday.

    Contacting us by email is best for enquiries. We are extremely busy and sometimes unable to answer calls or respond to emails immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as time allows.

    Auntyanimal operates 24 hrs - mornings are our busiest period cleaning and feeding the animals. Please bear with us because taking care of the animals always takes priority over admin.