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Small Animal Fostering and Rescue


Rescue Centres are full of animals waiting for good homes. If you're looking for a pet you should always check out your local Rescue Centre first, see Rescue Links they may be able to provide you with an animal that suits your lifestyle and will always give impartial advice.

On arrival at the rescue, every animal is given a health check and any necessary treatment. All animals are monitored for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure they are fit and healthy, and to assess their temperament, prior to being put up for adoption.

The average lifespan of a
SYRIAN HAMSTER is 2-3 years

SYRIAN HAMSTERS make good pets for adults and children. However, Hamsters are nocturnal and if they are disturbed during the day by inquisitive children they may bite, so care should be exercised with very young children to ensure that they do not have access to the animal without supervision from an adult. Unlike Dwarf Hamsters, which can be kept in same sex pairs or groups, Syrian Hamsters are solitary animals and should be kept on their own. They are fiercely territorial and will attack any other Hamster it comes into contact with.
A good quality Hamster mix and a tiny piece of their favourite fruit or veg will provide them with the necessary dietary requirements, along with clean water dispensed from a clean freshly filled water bottle sited in a suitable position on or inside their cage.
Water bottles should be checked and cleaned daily to ensure they are working and not clogged.
Gnaw sticks are an excellent way of keeping a hamster's teeth in trim - like all rodents their teeth grow continuously throughout their lives and they need to chew wooden sticks and toys in order to keep them in tip-top condition.
It's important not to over-feed as all hamsters hoard their food. Check their hoard occasionally to make sure you aren't overfeeding. Uneaten food can soon get damp and mouldy which can harm your hamster.

A suitable large cage is important (Minimum size 75cm x 40 cm x 40 cm. (29 1/2 inches x 15 3/4 inches x 15 3/4 inches) See Savic Hamster Heaven (Lovely spacious secure home with accessories)
Barney Pet Cage (a large sturdy cage with great reviews and good value too!)
or this one Ritz Pet Cage (fantastic home with plenty of room for toys etc)

DWARF HAMSTERS (Chinese, Russian Campbells or Roborovski) will require a suitable cage to ensure they can't squeeze between bars.
Dwarf Hamsters are small and very quick and can sometimes jump from your hand, so they don't make good pets for very young children.
Dwarf hamsters can be kept singly, in same sex pairs, or groups, but you must be prepared to split them up and provide another cage(s) if they start to fight (sometimes happens unfortunately).

All hamster accommodation should be filled with toys, ramps, tubes and an exercise wheel of suitable size for each species to prevent boredom.
Your hamster will also need a hideaway house of suitable size to provide a nesting place to sleep, this should be filled with safe hamster bedding material. Do not use the cotton wool type bedding which can cause impactions in the hamster's cheek pouches, and if it is swallowed can cause blockages in the intestines. Natural bedding is best.

Your hamster will also need a food bowl and drinking bottle. The floor of the cage should be covered with a layer of care fresh. This is much better at absorbing odours unlike wood shavings that can harbour parasites and cause respiratory problems.

Spot cleaning should be undertaken daily (hamsters usually use one corner of their cage to pee).
A thorough clean using pet safe disinfectant should be performed bi weekly.

As your hamster will become very active at night we suggest the cage is not sited in a child's bedroom. Place it somewhere quiet, out of the reach of other pets in the household, and away from draughts or a heat source such as a radiator.

If you allow your hamster to use a hamster play-ball they should not be left in it too long (20 minutes maximum). They should never be left unattended during exercise time. Ensure doors to the room are closed, there are no stairs, no potential escape routes that your hamster can squeeze through, and that no other pets are present.

We have a number of Hamsters staying with us long-term because they cannot be re-homed due to old age or they have special requirements. We do not give up on animals just because they have problems - we provide them with the long term care they need.
If you would like to sponsor a hamster find out more.

Adoptable Hamsters


Please complete our homefinder form to express an interest in any available hamsters, then we can keep you updated on any suitable animals that are cleared for adoption.

We request a donation for each animal adopted so that we can continue to help other animals in need.

Watch this space......

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